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A Romantic Crested Butte Wedding at Ten Peaks | Dani + Kendall

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I can’t contain my excitement as I get to share all about Dani and Kendall’s incredible Crested Butte wedding at Ten Peaks. Let me tell you, their special day was an absolute masterpiece. From every corner, it was a seamless combination of beauty, authenticity, and pure joy. It was no ordinary wedding but a vibrant celebration of love and happiness. These remarkable ladies and their crew knew how to let loose and have a great time. You won’t want to miss a detail of this romantic mountain wedding!


The story of Dani and Kendall is like something straight out of a romantic novel. It all started with a twist of fate when both happened to tear their ACLs while skiing in completely different states. Little did they know that they would find themselves at the same physical therapy clinic in the vibrant city of San Francisco, California, following their surgeries. Now, this is where it gets even more exciting: while chatting on a dating app in September 2019, Kendall had a hunch that she recognized Dani from the clinic. But let’s be real, in a city as huge as San Francisco, it seemed too good to be true.

Fast forward to their second date, when they made things official. Their love story took another leap forward a year and a half later when they embarked on a girls’ weekend with some of Kendall’s childhood friends. Toward the end of the trip, Dani popped the question on the beach. Without hesitation, Kendall said, “Yes!” If you want to take a trip down memory lane and check out their Colorado Fly Fishing Engagement Session, it’s a must-read!


The day kicked off with excitement as we gathered in their rooms at The Mountaineer Lodge, situated at the base of Crested Butte resort. It was a full-house affair with their closest family members and all-star bridal parties by their side. As we geared up for the mountain top ceremony at Ten Peaks (Umbrella Bar), we made a pit stop at a private meadow near Snodgrass Mountain—a popular spot for hikers and bikers just off Gothic Rd. This was where the magic happened. The ladies shared their intimate first look, followed by a heartfelt exchange of vows. The words they spoke to each other were incredibly touching and had everyone feeling the love.

The evening unfolded like your typical wedding day—snapping photos with friends and family, a beautiful ceremony, and the reception. Man, this reception. The Ten Peaks Wedding Venue took my breath away with its jaw-dropping 360-degree views of Mt. Crested Butte, Gothic Mountain, and all of Crested Butte Valley. As a photographer, I felt like I was in heaven. But I think my favorite part was how everyone was just bursting with joy and ready to have a blast. Dani and Kendall were beaming with happiness, surrounded by their loved ones, reveling in the celebration of their love. It was an out-of-this-world experience, at the least!

“Oh my god Whitney, these are insane, I’m a weepy monster!”

“Love you so much!!! And Brady too. Working with y’all has been beyond our wildest dreams.”


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