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Hello! I'm Whitney, and I feel beyond honored that you've made your way here! In order to give you the best representation of who you'll be spending your wedding day (one of the best days you'll live) with, here's a brief run down!

First and foremost, I'm a mountain gal through and through. I was born and raised in Vail, Colorado and unless it's another mountain town, my husband and I will always call this home. It's the tightly knit community, the fresh air (but really, it hits different here), the scenery and most importantly for us, the recreation + lifestyle. This is something that will always come through in my work, and what I believe sets me just a little bit apart - I am, and will forever be, inspired by the poetry of love in landscapes. 

I have a deep desire to be on the move, to see everything before I don't have the opportunity to, and are therefore happiest when traveling and exploring new places (which I feel so lucky is a part of my work!) Spending quality time hiking/biking/skiing/camping with my husband and our two border collies, clocking in some R&R at home or catching up with a friend over a glass of wine/craft beer are things that always sit at the top of the priority list.

If you're in to it- I'm a Libra, A Manifesting Generator (6-2) and an Enneagram 7 Wing 6/8. In short, I'm a people person, an optimist, and for lack of better terms- like to get shit done and make things happen. I'm a feeler, with a strong sense of empathy and sense of what people are experiencing, both when it comes to myself and others. I'm a bit of a goof, a tiny little thing packed with some sass, and ultimately just want to live a fun and adventurous life that's packed with new experiences and people. 

..I guess that's why I do what I do. I feel so grateful to be on this journey of having my own business where I have freedom to curate the life I want to live, where I get to connect with truly so many amazing humans, travel to some really beautiful places, and document that as a whole, as creatively and beautifully as I can for you.



The mountains, my happy place.

My love.
My Rock
My Adventure Buddy

Adventures in Stevie.

Sadie, this girl is my
 entire soul

Our Joy Boy,


Backpacking + skiing

To put it simply. I know when to step in and I know when to watch from a far as the moment unfolds naturally. The big, the little and the inbetween will be captured, and I always try to document with a timeless yet creative eye. You can expect your time with me to feel organic, fun and easy! On your wedding day, you need to be excited about your photographer and feel that you trust them, fully. You're going to want someone who intuitively knows when to act outside of their role and step in to support in other aspects of your day... because let me tell you, it happens. I promise you that I will without doubt, be there to capture all of the important moments. I will also promise you that when you need a glass of water or a tissue, when the groomsmen can't figure out how to put on their boutonnieres, when person A is in location X but needs to be in location Y... i've got you. Your wedding day isn't a day where you should be worried about the little things.

A refined, timeless and adventurous wedding experience


Learn to go with the flow. take each day as it comes. slow down and listen. accept your thoughts- let them come and let them go. take back your power,  pursue your passions + chase your dre
ams. shape your future. forge your own path. don't be afraid of making the wrong choices- be only afraid of never having the courage to try something new. step out of your comfort zone and back into yourself- in to who you are becoming.

express loudly. bloom loudly. live boldly.

get out of your own damn way. it's you vs. you. it's always been you vs. you. 

-- alysha waghorn


Words I Live by

Romantic Comedies

My appreciation for unique, memorable love stories influences my work.


Ornate Architecture

Photographing architecture is easily my favorite parts of traveling.



I am forever moved and inspired by the poetry of love in landscapes. The mountains are my home and will always have ground for telling a beautiful story.




Upcoming Travels

I'm available in Colorado and destinations worldwide. Connect with me while I'm in your city — or contact me to learn more!

I believe in  preserving organic moments of intimate gatherings so life's most delicate and love filled moments are cherished among not just present day, but also generations to come. I also strive to make your time with me easy and fun, for you to feel like you can open up and be nothing but yourself in front of the camera so your true story can be told. 


i care about you, and i care about your OVERALL WEDDING EXPERIENCE.

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